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QROPS Developments in 2015

          Alas the summer has passed and it’s now time to take stock of developments in the QROPS marketplace. Things don’t stand still in life; the same can be said of the QROPS regime. Since we last reported, there have been some significant changes imposed by HMRC on QROPS providers and… Read more »

Lifetime Allowance: £1.25 million doesn’t go as far as it used to!

Lifetime allowance gets squeezed again! The recent UK budget was the usual mish-mash of the Chancellor giving with one hand and taking back with the other. The perceived success of a budget often revolves around who spots which measures and how they are subsequently affected. So, if a tax ‘giveaway’ such as the increase in… Read more »

QROPS: Malta dilemma

      QROPS are designed to pay out benefits to members at the age of 55. They were structured in such a way so as to reflect the UK system, wherein 55 is also the earliest date that individuals are permitted to begin receiving their pensions. However, pension fund trustees in certain jurisdictions at… Read more »