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Common Reporting Standards – threat or opportunity?

Common reporting standards are coming to a place near you. It is not just the wealthy that need to worry……! The International Consortium of Journalists (ICJ) unearthed a global can of worms with allegations of large-scale tax evasion following their investigation into what are now known as The Panama Papers. Slowly, governments around the world… Read more »

Moving from the UK to France with Christopher Cooley

Today we are interviewing Christopher Cooley. Moving from the UK to France can be a challenge for anyone.In the summer of 2013, at age 27, Christopher made the move from the South-West of England to Bordeaux in France. In this interview we’ve asked him what it is like to move from England to France, what… Read more »

Retirement in France

As a French resident, all of your worldwide income and gains should be declared on your French tax return. To avoid confusion it is best to refer to the UK / France Double taxation Treaty on this matter. The Double Tax Treaty is set up to ensure that you do not pay tax twice on… Read more »