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BUPA Global

To apply for healthcare with BUPA Global please contact us at

Upon receipt, your health insurance application will be checked by AXIS Strategy Consultants and forwarded to the underwriters. Subject to there being no underwriting issues, the insurance company will collect payment and issue an email confirming that the health care cover is in place.

Your policy documents will be sent to you by registered mail 7/10 days thereafter.

BUPA Global Application

This insurance is designed to cover medical expenses incurred due to accidents occurring and/or an illness manifesting itself during the period of insurance. The health cover also offers a range of options enabling you to create a plan tailored to your needs. Full details of all terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions will be provided on request.

The completion of the Application Form shall not bind you or the insurer to accept the insurance applied for. The insurer reserves the right to apply special terms or decline any application. A copy of your completed Application Form will be available on request.

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