Retirement and wealth management

Retirement and wealth management are two sides of the same coin. A retirement or pension fund is a vehicle that assists individuals in planning for the future. In order to be sure that you have an adequate retirement fund it is important to start saving as soon as possible.

Planning for retirement

Axis Financial Consultants offer advice on retirement plans as part of their private wealth management services to expatriates. In addition, Axis also offer advice on Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes otherwise known as QROPS, for those seeking UK pension transfers.

Features & Benefits of International Retirement plans

  1. Your retirement fund is ‘portable’ in that you can continue contributing to the same policy as you move from one country to the next.
  2. You benefit from tax efficient growth on your offshore account.
  3. A wide range of leading fund managers are at your disposal.
  4. You can access money from your international retirement plan as and when you need it.

Axis act as an agent for a number of international banks and insurance companies that specialize in offshore retirement plans and private wealth management.

Take the first step in providing for the future by contacting us. Our financial advisors can offer you assistance in all areas of retirement planning and wealth management. If you would like us to help you plan for retirement, please go to “Financial health-check”

Once you have submitted the form to us, a financial advisor will contact you to discuss your specific retirement needs.

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