QROPS and offshore pension solutions for expats

QROPS have become an effective retirement planning vehicle for the transfer of UK pensions overseasAs an increasing number of people are now either working or retiring abroad, it is more important than ever to have a flexible retirement solution that will cater for your needs. For further information on QROPS please download our free QROPS Guide

An additional retirement planning solution for expats is the use of offshore pension plans. This type of flexible pension plan is ideally suited to mobile employees who have postings in different countries throughout their careers. The main attraction of such pension arrangements is that the individual can take the pension plan with them from one country to the next and continue to pay into it.

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Investment and Wealth Management

Wealth management in terms of your investment portfolio is an ongoing challenge when living abroad. The highs and lows of stock market movements offer many opportunities to investors; they also reinforce the need to be on guard at all times. The role of the financial consultant is to help clients steer a steady course in an ever-changing environment.

Health Insurance – BUPA International

Access to health insurance is vital when living and working abroad. You need to feel secure in your mind that the correct medical assistance will be available to you as and when you may need it. Axis Consultants in conjunction with BUPA International offer a solution to the health insurance problem.

French Property & Mortgages

Securing a French mortgage can be a difficult task when buying property in France. As the country of first choice for property investment, France continues to enjoy sustainable growth levels in the value of its real estate. Axis Strategy Consultants are here to assist as mortgage brokers.

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