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We help our clients make wise financial decisions when transferring their UK pensions overseas.

UK pension transfer advice on QROPS and SIPPs

QROPS and SIPPs provide an effective retirement planning vehicle for UK pension transfers. As an increasing number of people are now either working or retiring abroad, it is more important than ever to have a flexible retirement solution that will cater for your needs.

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Offshore pension solutions for expatriates

Offshore pension plans offer expats an alternative form of retirement planning. This type of flexible pension plan is ideally suited to mobile employees who have postings in different countries throughout their careers. One of the main attractions is that the individual can take the pension plan with them from one country to the next, and continue to pay into it.

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We can help you make the right decisions

About Des Cooney & Phil Loughton

Des is a Retirement Planning specialist with expertise in the use of QROPS and SIPPs for the transfer of UK pensions.
Des Cooney

Phil Loughton is a Pensions expert with over 30 years experience in the financial services industry. His main speciality is the transfer of UK pensions overseas for expats.
Phil Loughton


Our job is to help you invest your pension fund wisely.

We have been working for over 25 years in the overseas pensions industry and have helped hundreds of expats with their retirement planning.

“Our offer is straightforward, unbiased and transparent. Our mission is to deliver customer satisfaction through the provision of sound investment advice.”

Where would you like to retire?

Some people do not know where they want to retire. It is important therefore to tailor pension planning advice to an individual's circumstances.  AXIS Consultants can help supply all the information you need to make this critical decision. Wherever you decide to retire, your pension should take care of you!

What AXIS Consultants can do for you

Impartial and objective advice

AXIS Consultants are independent financial advisers.  This means that the we are not tied to any one financial institution and their products.

Tailored tax advice

Financial planning should take into consideration the tax legislation of the country that you live in or intend to retire to. AXIS Consultants offer clients the benefits of their experience in dealing with cross-border tax issues.

Value for money

AXIS Consultants are qualified financial advisers with many years of experience. The fees/commission charged for our professional services are kept as low as possible.

Fulfilling customer needs

Our job is to help you select the most appropriate retirement vehicle for your needs. In order to achieve this we will make a full assessment of what your needs actually are.

AXIS Consultants are great listeners and take into consideration each profile they work with. AXIS have proven their dedication and know-how in terms of my specific goals. It has been and remains to be a pleasure working with someone so available and able.” – Lisa Carucci

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